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Our spray gun cleaners are superior to any other on the market, reducing the use of solvents and extending the frequency of service.

All of our machines come with installation and training.

Servicing includes replenishment of solvents and removal of associated waste. Our machines can also be used for water based cleaning

Our parts washers and brake cleaners are just as popular with our clients as they offer an efficient and more economical alternative to other market products

Spray gun cleaner.jpg
Brake Cleaner.jpg
Parts Washer.jpg

We collect and recycle

  • Waste Oil

  • Waste Oil Filters

  • Waste Coolant

  • Oily Rags / spill soak

  • Contaminated or mixed fuels

  • Waste brake fluid

  • Waste thinners

      & much more​

Best of all, we can offer a full waste management service for all of your waste production. Creating one point of contact and reducing the overall costs of managing your waste.

Ask us for a quote and / or demonstration. No tricks ,no obligation, no pressure. You decide.

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