Waste management with confidence





When we talk about waste management we mean just that. Complete and total management of your waste from production to final destination.

Wren offer a full package of services from single collections to continuous site presence and practical management. 

We can provide

  • Staff and equipment

  • Training and education to all stakeholders. 

  • Assured environmental compliance.

  • Improved recycling and recovery figures.

  • Bespoke reporting.

  • Significant reductions in waste disposal costs. 

We realise of course, that not every customer will want or need such a high level of service so we remain flexible and able to tailor our involvement to match our customers requirements.

Better still, you do not have to be tied in to a never ending contract. 

When we agree the terms and conditions of our services it is via negotiation with you our customer. Our service contracts are not pre-printed and we do not have pages of small print or questionable binding obligations.

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